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Bowman MW-003 | Biohazard Receptacles MW-003 Bowman Dispenser

Bowman MW-003 | Biohazard Receptacles MW-003 Bowman Dispenser

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Apron Dispensers Bowman Dispenser Products

Apron Dispensers Bowman Dispenser Products

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

GET Melamine Dinnerware

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Get Melamine Dinnerware & Plastic Glasses here. View the GET quality line of Dinneware in assorted colors & designs. Get Industries Plastic Glasses and reuseable tumblers, stemware and specialty drinkware. GET Melamine

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G.E.T. Enterprises, Inc. is the first name in fine quality melamine food service products. Our goal is to meet our customers' needs by providing first-rate products and service at a price that is extremely competitive.

Our dinneware lines include a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, geared towards meeting the diverse needs and images of our clients. Most of our products meet NSF standard and are safe and durable enough for use by any commercial food service operation.

In addition to quality melamine dinnerware, G.E.T. Enterprises offers other excellent products, including fast food trays, commercial hardwood high chairs and tray stands in chrome and hardwood.

Party Decorations Supplies

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Beistle Party Decorations, Part Supplies here. View over 4,000 Party Decorations and Party Supplies by Beistle including Theme Party Supplies, Holiday Decorations, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Mardi Gras Decorations and more. Party Decorations

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The Beistle Company is the oldest and largest manufacturer of decorations and party goods. With unsurpassed service and top quality products, it's easy to understand why The Beistle Company is world renowned in the Party Goods Industry.

Safety Zone Disposable Gloves

Questions? Post your question or comments about Safety Zone products here. View our line of Safety Zone Gloves, Disposable Latex Gloves, Plastic Gloves, Hair Nets, Beard Covers and more. Safety Zone Disposable Products
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The Safety Zone, now in its fourth decade of operation, imports and manufactures a wide variety of safety equipment and products with an emphasis on gloves. The Safety Zone services distributors and only distributors of industrial safety, food service, janitorial, and beauty products.

With warehouse facilities located in Connecticut, Indiana, Florida, California, China, and Malaysia, The Safety Zone can deliver our products in three days or less anywhere in the contiguous United States.

The Safety Zone Advantage
As one of the nation's leading suppliers of gloves and personal protection products, The Safety Zone's expertise in manufacturing and international logistics brings only the best products at the lowest possible prices.

Our offices in China, Malaysia, Thailand, and other parts of the world work diligently to ensure consistent product quality, low prices, and constant availability.

Bowman Dispensers

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Bowman Dispensers here. View our Bowman Dispenser Department and shop for Glove Dispensers, Medial Product Dispensers, Mask Dispensers, Hair Net Dispensers and more. Bowman Dispensers

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In an emergency, disposable gloves are vital for protection. Randy Bellon, the president of BOWMAN who was previously a medic, knew firsthand the need to have a convenient place to grab gloves. Working with the engineers at BOWMAN, he developed a dispenser to hold disposable glove boxes.

Dispenser Line Grows
The idea took off and in 1989 the Glove Butler™ was launched. Those dispensers were expanded into the healthcare, food service, industrial, and safety industries worldwide. BOWMAN continues to innovate by making the first double, triple, and quad glove dispensers.

Bowman is the Leader
Today, dispensers have been expanded into a complete line of products for personal protection equipment and apparel. BOWMAN (Bowman Manufacturing Company, Inc.) is the leader in designing and manufacturing dispensers that make workers safer, organized, and more efficient.

Cecilware Equipment

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Cecilware Equipment at Twin Supply. View our Cooking Equipment including Fryers, Crepe Makers, Pancake Makers and Quality line of Coffee Makers, Brewers, Urns. Cecilware Coffee Equipment, Cooking Equipment

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FMP Replacement Parts

Questions? Post your questions or comments about FMP Replacement parts at Twin Supply. View over 10,000 Replacement parts including, gas parts, electric parts, plumbing parts, food service replacement parts. FMP Parts - Franklin Machine

Franklin Machine Products, Inc. was founded in New York City by Bernard Lutsky as a small shop manufacturing specialty components for commercial coffee urns.

Business grew and flourished primarily as a manufacturer of specialty plumbing fittings for the foodservice industry.

FMP’s beer faucet became an instant success with the repeal of prohibition. The company grew as restaurant construction increased due to the recovering economy.

FMP’s production was geared to government contracts during World War II. The primary contract was for an item known as the “Windlass.” This was mounted on an aircraft and would allow a target to be reeled out 5,000 feet for other pilots to use for target practice.

Some post-war production included ventures such as tricycles and “Vet Dinette” - a forerunner to today’s lunch truck.

In 1948, FMP moved to Trenton, New Jersey.

1950s & 60s
FMP concentrated on product innovation. The period saw the birth of the Chinese range faucet, the lever handle waste, glass rinsers, dipperwells, and other specialty plumbing items.

FMP became the first wholesale distributor of parts to the foodservice industry.

In 1975, FMP released the Foodservice Industry’s most extensive parts and accessories catalog.

In 1978, FMP moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

In 1985, FMP moved to its facilities in Marlton, New Jersey.

In 1994, FMP’s West Coast distribution center opened in Las Vegas, Nevada.


On October 16, 2003, FMP moved into its new world headquarters in Lumberton, New Jersey.

F. Dick Cutlery

Questions? Post your questions or comments about F. Dick Cutlery at Twin Supply. Quality Knives, Knife Sets, Cutting Tools and Machines. View our F. Dick Cutlery Department F. Dick Professional Cutlery
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F Dick Cutlery — Friedrich Dick of Germany has manufactured highest quality cutlery and tools for butchers since 1778. The longstanding traditions continue into the 21st century with F Dick as the cutlery of choice for German butchers and professional chefs. Until very recently, F Dick cutlery was available only to professionals. Their cutlery is used by 9 out 10 culinary schools worldwide. F Dick also is the official supplier of national cooking teams participating in international cooking competitions.

Janitorial Supplies

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Janitorial Supplies at Twin Supply. View our Janitorial & Cleaning products department Janitorial Supplies
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Kendall Howard

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Kendall Howard Server Racks, Lan Station Workenches Here. View our Kendall Howard Product Department Kendall Howard
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About Kendall Howard:

Kendall Howard is a leading manufacturer of computer rack enclosures and network infrastructure products. Its products range from complete computer lab furniture to high end data storage cabinets and accessories. The company manufactures the majority of its product lines in Minnesota; a rare occurrence in a world where most technology products are sourced oversees. Kendall Howard employs cutting edge manufacturing technologies and automation strategies such as robotic welding automated packaging lines and integrated cellular assembly. The company has maintained a steady sales growth of 30% each quarter since its inception in 2002 selling exclusively through its international dealer network.

Dexter Russell Cutlery

Questions? Please post your questions or comments about Dexter Professional Cutlery. View Dexter Russell Quality Knives, Knife Sets, Sharpening Steels and more. Dexter Russell Cutlery
Do you have any helpful tips about Professional Cutlery? Share your comments here!

Dexter-Russell, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States. Throughout our long and rich history, we have maintained a tradition of excellence in both materials and workmanship. Our company is the proud successor to the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers: The Harrington Cutlery Company and the John Russell Cutlery Company.
Henry Harrington, a New England craftsman and inventor, established the first cutlery company in the United States on June 18, 1818 in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Harrington manufactured surgical equipment and shoe knives, as well as well crafted firearms. As his cutlery line expanded, he gradually discontinued his firearm business. In 1884, Harrington introduced the Dexter trade name. The Dexter line of fine kitchen and table cutlery soon gained a reputation for quality in America's homes and restaurants.

Another New Englander, John Russell, founded his Green River Works on March 1, 1834. After having made his fortune in the cotton industry, Russell, at age 37, turned his energies to the manufacturing of quality cutlery. He built his water powered factory on the banks of the Green River near Greenfield Massachusetts. His first products, chisels and axe heads, were made from fine English steel of the type normally reserved for tableware. As the Green River works expanded its line to include knives, the company continued to use only the finest materials.

By paying much higher wages than English cutlers, Russell was able to attract skilled European craftsmen to his factory. With all the manufacturing operations consolidated under one roof, these skilled craftsmen were able to produce large quantities of high quality hunting knives to supply the needs of America’s western frontier.

On May 1, 1933, the Harrington Cutlery Company and the John Russell Cutlery Company merged, bringing together the two most respected names in cutlery: Dexter and Russell. The new company, Russell Harrington Cutlery Company, offered a broad range of quality cutlery products from the famous knives that "won the west" to innovative cutlery for the professional and industrial markets. In 2001, the company changed its name to Dexter-Russell, Inc. to reflect its long history of product brand identity.

Today, the same tradition of quality and variety is carried on in Southbridge, Massachusetts, where Dexter-Russell produces the broadest line of professional cutlery made by any single manufacturer in the world.

Pizza Supplies

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Pizza Supplies at Twin Supply. View our Pizza Supply Department at Pizza Supplies
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American Metalcraft was incorporated in 1947 by Archer Kahn. In 1961, Herbert Kahn succeeded his father as President, and in 1995 David Kahn and Susan Kahn Bank took over the business, marking the transition to a third generation of family leadership. In over 57 years of family ownership, the company has expanded from 6,000 square foot in Chicago to over 120,000 square foot in west suburban Melrose Park Illinois, and from a handful of employees to almost 100. American Metalcraft began with a limited product line and a local customer base to a company with customers in all 50 states and over 75 countries around the world. The company has evolved from job shop to a company that manufactures over 2000 items in house for its own product line.
In the late 50's, the company expanded from its restaurant and bar supply line to make a line of copper shapes and bowls sold primarily to copper enamelers.

In the 1960's, American Metalcraft's product lines grew and consequently it began to phase out job work. The 60’s also saw American Metalcraft begin to import products from the Far East, principally Japan then, but now from countries in Asia, the America’s and Europe.

In the late 1970's, the companies distribution center burned to the ground. After rising from the ashes, the following year was the best in the company's history, until that time.

In the 1980's, the company prospered and grew so rapidly that it had to move into larger facilities twice!

The 90's brought American Metalcraft a new suburban location and a move into new product categories. While maintaining its historical core business in Pizzeria supplies, Bar supplies, and Plate Covers the company added many items for the Kitchen and the Buffet line.

The New Millennium has seen over 800 new product introductions. American Metalcraft has successfully re-positioned itself as one of the premier tabletop supply manufacturers in the foodservice industry and still has kept true to its core products.

Carlisle Food Service

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Carlisle Food Service Products at Twin Supply. View our vast selection of quality Food Service, Hotel, Catering & Janitorial Supplies by Carlisle. Carlisle Food Service
Do you have a recipte or helpful cooking tips for other customers? Please post it here!

In 1955, Continental Plastics, a small custom molding shop in Oklahoma, ventured into the field of foodservice supplies by creating the world's first plastic Bains Marie. This was actually quite an innovation at the time, as it ultimately started a process that completely changed the way people managed food storage and handling in the industry. A few years later, the first commercial-grade plastic Beverage Pitcher (sometimes today affectionately referred to as a “Beer Pitcher”) followed. This original design, down to the little nubs on the bottom, became an international standard. Today's VersaPour is it’s direct descendent, and it was the precursor of what has become the most extensive line of beverage transport and commercial service products in the world.

In 1978, Continental Plastics of Oklahoma became part of the Carlisle Companies. Thirteen years later Continental Carlisle merged with SiLite Incorporated - a 46-year-old manufacturer of plastic foodservice products, giftware, and decorative accessories - to form Continental/SiLite International. SiLite had grown out of a wartime factory that made, among other things, blankets for the U.S. Army. After the war, they used the same material expertise to pioneer the use of cotton rag as a reinforcement for commercial Melamine dinnerware. Later acquisitions including American Cup, Arrowhead, Kenro, and Brookpark brought some of the most famous lines of Melamine under the SiLite name.

In 1994, we acquired the Sparta Brush Company . The Sparta brand was and still is recognized around the world as the premier name in professional quality brushes for the foodservice and food processing industries. Together, CSI and Sparta now offered more than 6,000 professional tools.

In order to better capitalize on the combined strength of CSI and Sparta, and to reflect the increased value we represented as a supplier to the foodservice industry, we changed our name to Carlisle FoodService Products in March of 1996. The new name provided us with a more easily recognizable global identity and supported our vision of bringing real value to the markets we served in the form of a broad variety of quality products and services tailored to the needs of foodservice operators.

In February of 1997, we acquired the foodservice assets of Plastics Manufacturing Company (PMC), another historic U.S. Melamine manufacturer. PMC had introduced the first Melamine Compartment Tray, and their Texas-Ware® dinnerware is highly prized among collectors of 20th century tableware today. With the addition of the PMC lines, Carlisle became the largest commercial-grade Melamine dinnerware maker based in America.

A complete line of vinyl and fabric Table coverings and accessories followed in December of 1999 with Marko International. Then, in April 2000, the Dura-Ware Company of America joined Carlisle. For over 50 years, Dura-Ware was the first choice of foodservice and hospitality professionals for industrial-strength Cookware and fashionable Buffetware. January 2001 saw Toppo Manufacturing's line of Pumps, Dispensers, and Organizers (including the original Speed-Rak® bar organizer and first Condiment Caddy) added to our unmatched portfolio of time-tested and uniquely designed products for virtually every aspect of any foodservice operation.

Over the decades, the companies that make up today's Carlisle FoodService Products led the industry in many “firsts”. And, while some of the products we've made are now considered collectable, have won industry and design awards, and even made it into the Museum of Modern Art - we've never taken our focus off of the kitchens, dining rooms, and banquet halls of the world. Because, if a product doesn't work for you there, than it doesn't matter how “good” a design it is.

We take inspiration from our past, a unique curiosity about the way things have to function, a fundamental understanding of what people in the industry we serve have to face every day, and a deep commitment to honoring our many traditions of excellence and put it all into the products we build today. And, while we hope to continue to win awards in the future, the best reward we have is when you pick-up one of our now over 20,000 tools and it does what you need it to do effortlessly the first time, and for years to come. In fact, we want the products we make to work for you so you never have to even think about them - because we already did for you. You can just stick to doing what you do best, running your business.

At Carlisle, we are dedicated to designing and making professional grade products with the people who have to use them every day in mind. Products that have real value and that can help make your operation run smoother, more efficiently, more profitably. It is our constant goal to give you exactly what you need - products that make your work easier.

Vollrath Restaurant Catering Supplies

Questions? Post your questions or comments about Vollrath Food Service Supplies at Twin Supply.
Shop for Vollrath Food Service Restaurant Supplies, Catering Supplies, Hotel Supplies, Bar Supplies & Equipment. Vollrath Food Service
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Over 130 Years of Excellence

It was there, in the growing city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Jacob Johann Vollrath saw his future in the building of farm implements, steam engines, cast iron ranges and cooking utensils.

But Vollrath was more than a manufacturer; he was also a visionary. He knew that in Germany, porcelain enamelware-pots, pans, plates, cups and other kitchenware produced by coating cast iron with ceramic glaze-was commonplace. In America, however, such utensils were scarce.

So Jacob, believing there was a need for these tough, durable and inexpensive products, began manufacturing them. His reasoning proved correct, and the demand for Vollrath enamelware boomed. By the end of the nineteenth century, the name "Vollrath" had been stamped or cast into the bottoms of hundreds of thousands of pots and kettles and the Vollrath name was recognized across the nation. The enamelware market expanded from home use to some of the foremost restaurants, hospitals and other institutions in the United States. And as the needs of the marketplace changed, Vollrath responded by replacing enamelware with stainless steel and expanding its product offering.

With continual expansion and acquisitions, Vollrath produces an array of products from stainless steel and aluminum to molded plastics and fabricated steel for the worldwide foodservice industry and select OEM customers.

Office Supplies Products

Questions? Post your question or comments about Office Supply Products at Twin Supply
Over 24,000 Office Products including, Filing Supplies, Computer/PDA Accessories, Office Furniture, Paper, Printers, Ribbons & More! Visit Twin Supply Office Products

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