Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bowman Dispensers

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In an emergency, disposable gloves are vital for protection. Randy Bellon, the president of BOWMAN who was previously a medic, knew firsthand the need to have a convenient place to grab gloves. Working with the engineers at BOWMAN, he developed a dispenser to hold disposable glove boxes.

Dispenser Line Grows
The idea took off and in 1989 the Glove Butler™ was launched. Those dispensers were expanded into the healthcare, food service, industrial, and safety industries worldwide. BOWMAN continues to innovate by making the first double, triple, and quad glove dispensers.

Bowman is the Leader
Today, dispensers have been expanded into a complete line of products for personal protection equipment and apparel. BOWMAN (Bowman Manufacturing Company, Inc.) is the leader in designing and manufacturing dispensers that make workers safer, organized, and more efficient.

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