Thursday, July 17, 2008

FMP Replacement Parts

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Franklin Machine Products, Inc. was founded in New York City by Bernard Lutsky as a small shop manufacturing specialty components for commercial coffee urns.

Business grew and flourished primarily as a manufacturer of specialty plumbing fittings for the foodservice industry.

FMP’s beer faucet became an instant success with the repeal of prohibition. The company grew as restaurant construction increased due to the recovering economy.

FMP’s production was geared to government contracts during World War II. The primary contract was for an item known as the “Windlass.” This was mounted on an aircraft and would allow a target to be reeled out 5,000 feet for other pilots to use for target practice.

Some post-war production included ventures such as tricycles and “Vet Dinette” - a forerunner to today’s lunch truck.

In 1948, FMP moved to Trenton, New Jersey.

1950s & 60s
FMP concentrated on product innovation. The period saw the birth of the Chinese range faucet, the lever handle waste, glass rinsers, dipperwells, and other specialty plumbing items.

FMP became the first wholesale distributor of parts to the foodservice industry.

In 1975, FMP released the Foodservice Industry’s most extensive parts and accessories catalog.

In 1978, FMP moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

In 1985, FMP moved to its facilities in Marlton, New Jersey.

In 1994, FMP’s West Coast distribution center opened in Las Vegas, Nevada.


On October 16, 2003, FMP moved into its new world headquarters in Lumberton, New Jersey.

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